What Does Your Mouth Have to Do With Your Heart Health?

Apr 26, 2017


Does a healthy smile translate to a healthy heart? While the link between the mouth and the heart isn’t completely clear, both periodontists and cardiologists both agree that there is a link that exists – just one more reason why it’s crucial to properly care for both.

The Gum Disease, Heart Disease Link

So why do the experts out there believe there could be a link between gum disease and heart disease? There are several notable reasons, perhaps the largest being that inflammation is a common theme with both (the arteries as it pertains to heart health and the gums as it pertains to oral health).

What’s more, according to a published consensus report in the Journal of Periodontology and American Journal of Cardiology, a review of over 100 medical studies found that gum disease is a major factor in heart disease, specifically coronary artery disease. Another study that used a sample size of more than 50,000 people found that those with gum disease and other oral issues were more likely to suffer a stroke.

What Does It All Mean?

Presently, there’s no true consensus on the link between heart disease and gum disease, but everything that’s known seems to indicate that there is some correlation between the two conditions. And while the verdict is out on just how significant this correlation is, the potential link serves as a good reminder for people to take care of both the heart and the gums. This is largely done through preventative care, such as:

  • Seeing the dentist at least once per the recommended every six months, so that any developing gum disease has a better chance of being reversed before it becomes too advanced.
  • Seeing your doctor for an annual physical to ensure good heart health and learning of other ways to improve your heart health. If heart disease runs in your family, talk with your doctor about how you can fight genetics when it comes to heart disease.
  • Get plenty of exercise and establish a balanced diet.

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